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Our bodies are mini oceans, comprised of 75% water, dozens of trace
minerals, and effulgent life force. We are microcosms of the greater
whole. The waters of the planet and the waters of our bodies suffer
deeply now as toxic chemicals and oils spill into our waters. Our food
and water are denatured and loaded with chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
Yet life depends on the flow of fluids both inside and outside us.

This Heal-a-Thon will attend to restoring balance to the ocean within.


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healing with didgeidoo and acupressure

Sound Rivers


Gentle, potent healing immersions within a group setting, bringing together Didgeridoo, Meditation and Bodywork


Next Heal-a-thons:

Saturdays August 28, 2010 and December 4, 2010

2-5 PM


at the Berkeley Yoga Center

2121 Bonar St. @ Addison St. Studio C



... Harmonize the brain, nervous system, and electromagnetic field with the vibrational medicine of yoga and sacred sound.


...Blend Kundalini Meditation with the focused applications of didgeridoo, tuning forks, gongs and bowls (may include therapuetic yoga, hands-on adjustments and energy work)


...Shake loose mental and physical pain, purifying pathways for the bliss to the Soul's bliss and to creativity.

To register, e-mail

Click here for registration form

$50.00 if pre-registered two weeks before the event; $60.00 at the door


Yolanda Vasquez, 245 Lee St. #206, Oakland, CA 94610

Individual appointments can be scheduled directly with Yolanda at

And with Elise at



elise's picture

Elise Peeples has been playing didgeridoo for 4 years. She has used her didgeridoo in music healing sessions and one-on-one sessions. She is currently enrolled in the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS) Sound, Voice, Music Healing certificate program

She recently published a novel called STRANDS. Click here for information about it.





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